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Nail Polish Base

Nail Polish Base

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Enhance the longevity of your manicure with LisaKon's premium Nail Polish Base Coat:

1. Long-lasting Clear Base Coat: Our clear base coat nail polish provides a protective barrier, ensuring even application on natural nails. Formulated with non-toxic, odorless ingredients, it resists yellowing and staining, preserving the allure of your nail polish.

2. Quick Dry Nail Polish Base Coat: Experience our exclusive self-leveling formula designed to seamlessly adhere to your nails, safeguarding every intricate detail. With rapid drying properties, this base coat saves valuable time, catering to novices and nail enthusiasts alike.

3. Clear Nail Polish Base Coat: Embrace our natural vegan formula, crafted with animal-friendly ingredients. This water-based nail polish boasts remarkable clarity, free from bubbles, while safeguarding against yellowing and staining for a pristine finish.

4. Energy Repair Base Coat: Infused with keratin, vitamins, and essential nutrients, our energy repair base coat fortifies natural nails, fostering strength and elegance. Nourishing from within, it promotes healthier nail growth and enhances overall resilience.

5. Salon Quality Assurance:Elevate your nail art with LisaKon's nail polish base coat, trusted by salon professionals. Opting for superior base and top coat options ensures robust and glossy nail art, free from concerns about fragility, even after exposure to water.

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