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“BEVERLY-STYLE PEDICURE” – ($200 deposit – $800 total)

“BEVERLY-STYLE PEDICURE” – ($200 deposit – $800 total)

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Course “Beverly-style Pedicure”

*next generation-pedicure

Celebrity’s manicurist Lisa Kon is excited to teach you the secrets of working with famous clients and tell you why they’ve  abandoned the classic “soak” pedicure and switched to the next generation of pedicure.

Do you want to know the advantages of the next generation pedicure? And why they are appreciated by the world’s top stars and why the “wet” pedicure is outdated?

What kind of foot treatment does Kylie Jenner have?

Why does the whole Kardashian family prefer the next generation pedicure?

Why does Zendaya, over and over again, return to the salon for this service, and Rita Ora orders it at home?

And most importantly: what is the next generation pedicure and why do Lisa’s famous clients love it so much?

All secrets will be revealed in this course.

The course “Beverly-style Pedicure” will be taught by a professional podiatrist with a total experience of 17 years, 8 of which with a point study of foot problems.

We are ready to share with you the experience and new techniques that can make your next generation pedicure incomparable.

This course is for you if you want:

  • Make a quality next generation pedicure
  • Stand out and be better than competitors
  • Work quickly and efficiently
  • Make a clean cut and perfect sanding
  • Make the coating as close to the cuticle as possible
  • Rise prices
  • Fill your schedule with new clients

This course is designed for both experienced and beginner nail technicians. The in-depth and detailed information that is presented in this course will help you understand the principles of next generation pedicure and give you the necessary knowledge and methods to carry out its step-by-step process.

This course will give you an idea of all the tools you will need and how to use them correctly, as well as how to perform next generation pedicure’s easily and professionally.

By the end of the course, you will be able to perform an exceptional next generation VIP-level pedicure, so that your services are especially remembered by customers, and they want you to do this unique service every time!

The course consists of two parts: theoretical and practical.


  • Introduction
  • Appearance of the master: how to dress properly and protect yourself from dust,
  • Equipment for next generation pedicure,
  • How to choose the right equipment if you don’t have it yet (furniture, light, chair, armchair, appliances, vacuum cleaner)
  • How to properly organize your workspace
  • PODOdiscs (types, features, sizes)
  • Speed: how fast each disk is running, which abrasion to use for each type of foot problem etc.
  • Interchangeable abrasive discs: the right choice of discs, installation and removal
  • Step by step guide to foot processing with PODOdiscs
  • How to deal with chapped skin with PODOdisc
  • Pedicure nail shape: correct shape to avoid ingrown nails and correct pedicure nail length
  • Cuticle Treatment: Two Cuticle Techniques
  • The right choice of cutters and tools for the job
  • How to fix broken nails: which tools to use
  • Application of gel polish: preparation of the nail plate
  • Foot polishing process, instructions, tools and products
  • Common Mistakes When Using PODOdiscs and the Polishing Process
  • Further information: types of cuticle removers
  • Cleaning, sterilization and disinfection of instruments
  • Care tips for clients


You are doing a next generation pedicure for a model under Olga’s supervision. In the course of work, she will correct the work and give advice, as well as correct errors and bring the process to perfection.

After the course you will get a certificate from Lisa Kon LLC.

*this certificate doesn’t give you the right to work legally as a nail-technician in your state. You still need to pass the State Board Exam.

After class – 20% discount for all products by Lisa Kon.

All groups will be from 2 to 4 people.

Course price is 800$.

Comes with :

Drill bits for removal and «red» flame



PODOdisc + 5 refill pads


Rubber Base Acid Free

Gel Polish

Brush 4560

Super Shiny Top Coat

Lunch is included

Deposit 200$ – balance due on day of training.


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