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Lisa Kon is an LA-based nail artist and top-level specialist in Russian manicure. She is a trend setter in the nail industry, She has the highest qualifications and stands behind the most viral celebrity manicures, she creates unique designs and owns her own line of professional nail products. Nail technicians all over the globe look up to her expertise, main Hollywood celebrities trust their hands to Lisa and rely on her beauty vision. She is not merely a nail technician, she is an artist. A manicure from her is a true work of art. She has studied for many years, different techniques, searching various sources for information, trying lots of methods, analyzing each step trying to figure out all the advantages and disadvantages here and there, before she found her exceptional formula which includes high quality, sharp technique and high speed. Now she is teaching and inspiring others. Her clients like Miranda Kerr, Zendaya, the Kardashian’s family, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Hailey Bieber, Christine Quinn are obsessed with her unique and professional work.