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Nail cleaning dust brush

Nail cleaning dust brush

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Professional Duster Brush: Our nail remover brushes feature large and loose brush heads, facilitating the swift removal of dust and powder during the nail art design process. They also find utility as blush brushes and makeup brushes, offering convenience in both nail DIY arts and makeup application, thus saving you valuable time.

Premium Quality: Crafted from high-quality nylon, our large powder brushes boast durability, a smooth touch, softness, and ductility, while resisting shedding. The slender pen handles are lightweight and slim, ensuring easy grip and effortless dust cleanup, thereby aiding you in creating captivating nail art designs.

Clean & Care Guide: Following the use of these nail brushes for cleaning glitter, gel nail polish, acrylic gel, and poly nail gel, simply employ brush cleaner to fabulously clean the bristles with minimal effort. It's crucial to note that you should never clean your brush with acetone.

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