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Table Lamp for beauty experts.

Table Lamp for beauty experts.

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✔️ FLEXIBLE JOINTS FOR PRECISION POSITIONING - LisaKon's nail light features a durable yet adjustable neck, allowing for optimal light direction. With bright LEDs along its slim head and a bench clamp for easy attachment, it maximizes workspace efficiency.

✔️ SLIM, SLEEK DESIGN - Our LED desk light boasts a sleek white finish for a modern touch. Size: 1020x55x70 mm.

✔️ MULTIFUNCTIONAL USE - Ideal for sewing, needlework, quilting, nail art, and reading, LisaKon's desk lamp offers versatility and adjustable features for enhanced lighting and precision in various tasks.

✔️ COMMITMENT TO QUALITY - LisaKon prioritizes innovation, design, and lighting quality. Our lamps are meticulously designed to provide optimal lighting conditions, ensuring you see every detail with clarity and accuracy.

  • Three modes: Warm light (3000k), natural light (4000k), cold light (5000k)
  • Two steps dimming brightness
  • No stroboscopic, no glare, eye protection
  • Touch control 
  • The height and position of the lamp can be adjusted freely
  • Memory function for the brightness and color temperature
  • ABS + Aluminum material
  • Power 12W
  • Centre luminance (30cm): 1500Lux 
  • Size: 1020x55x70 mm.
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