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Kolinsky brushes - Brushes Collection

Kolinsky brushes - Brushes Collection

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Experience the Pinnacle of Nail Artistry with Lisa Kon!

Color: White
Brand: Lisa Kon
Handle Material: Wood
Bristle Material: Kolinsky (No. 11, 12) or Synthetic (No. 10)
Quantity in Package: 1 piece

About the Product:

  • [KOLINSKY - 1 PIECE] Elevate your nail art with the Lisa Kon brush crafted from pure Kolinsky natural hair.
  • [COLOR & SIZE] Handle Color: White. Sizes available in three options - Brush length: Liner #10 - 10mm; Liner #11 - 11mm; Liner #12 - 12mm. Tailor your choice to meet your artistic needs.
  • [FEATURES] Perfect for creating fine lines, short strokes, intricate details, and precise color application. The varied brush sizes are designed for nail art, allowing you to effortlessly craft stunning patterns in seconds.
  • [ADVANTAGES] Pure Kolinsky bristles ensure superior paint holding capacity, a smooth flow, and excellent snap and spring of the brush head. Known as the finest brush material, these bristles offer exceptional comfort, waterproof durability, softness, and flexibility.
  • [USAGE] An outstanding brush for both manicures and nail sculpting. Ideal for delicate nail art, drawing lines, detailing flowers, or crafting unique patterns.

Elevate your nail artistry to unparalleled heights with Lisa Kon's exquisite brushes! Choose quality, choose Lisa Kon.

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