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Limited Edition Foil Flake Rubber Bases Collection

Limited Edition Foil Flake Rubber Bases Collection

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LISA KON Foil Flake Rubber Bases Collection

This amazing collection has golden foil flakes like no other! Super lush, Super dazzling, super amazing!

Why stop at just one bottle?? We all know things look better in a set!

This range is sure to make your clients go wow!

Why stop with one when you can have them all!

6 colors of pure amazingness!

These colors are also fantastic for nail art! Drag from the cuticle down or from the tip up!

Doesn’t dry or out the natural nail.  Formulated to coat and protect the natural nail LISA KON delivers ease of application along with maximum control.

LISA KON is the perfect choice for a long lasting gel manicure or pedicure. UV lamp: 2 minutes LED lamp: 60 sec.

We recommend the Lisa Kon Lamp!

Enjoy play and upload your work!

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